Secrets of the Summer House

Secrets of the Summer House -  303 pages (Geheimen van het tuinhuis) 2021, Blossom Books, Vleuten, Netherlands

Suriname in 1870; slavery has been abolished for several years, the colony is entering a new era. The technical progress at the end of the 19th century applies in Suriname too. And in addition to still unaccustomed civil rights, there is already a call for more women's rights. At the same time, the arrival of indentured laborers from Asia is being prepared to replace the former enslaved.

The Black Lord

The Black Lord -  525 pages, (De Zwarte Lord) 2009, KIT Publishers, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Regina Winter, a Dutch governess, goes to Suriname to educate a young black man who has inherited a plantation from his white father. Walther Blackwell is a dandy and is called mockingly ┬┤The Black Lord`. The year is 1848, a year of  revolution in Europe. The rise of socialism, the spirit of revolt, eventually reaches the Caribbean and Suriname.


Chastity - 224 pages, (Kuis) 2011, KIT Publishers, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ramesh, a Hindustani goldsmith in modern Amsterdam is ordered to design a chastity belt for a girl whom he falls in love with. Since he has dedicated his chastity to the goddess Parvati, this is the start of an ordeal Ramesh has put himself into. A story about the unusual pact between spirituality and eroticism.

This book was the Literature reading choice in 2012 for high school students in Suriname and at Curacao.

Short Stories

Short Stories - 180 pages, Minnewake 2008, Ralicon, Paramaribo, Suriname

Ten short stories about love, beauty, poetry and art. Where dream and reality are entwining, creating mysterie and wonder.

Sky Dancer

Sky Dancer - 220 pages, (Luchtdanser) 2016, Pumbo, Netherlands

 Sky Dancer is a thrilling Young Adult novel, which takes place in the multicultural setting of the city of Amsterdam, in the subcultures of freerunning, urban climbing and urban exploring.